What is birthwear?

Birthwear is apparel specifically designed for labor and childbirth that provides functionality, comfort, support, mobility, coverage, and style. We witnessed expecting mothers not getting their needs met with the traditional hospital gown, which was poorly designed for labor and birth. One would not wear a hospital gown to a yoga class or to run a marathon, which can be compared to labor and delivery. Why then do we expect women to wear a nonfunctional, uncomfortable and used hospital gown at the most important event of their lives? We believe women deserve better on this momentous day and decided to create a new category of apparel, birthwear, to solve this problem.

Why wear Happy Birthwear?

Happy Birthwear provides a much-needed product for both expecting mothers and health care practitioners. Happy Birthwear is designed to provide functionality, comfort, support, mobility, coverage, and style during labor and birth. The hospital gown was never designed for women during labor and delivery. Its design is not friendly to the many positions during labor, or for the medical instruments needed during this time. For example, the fetal heart monitor is strapped on the mother’s abdominal area numerous times during labor and therefore easy access to this area is needed at all times.

Our birthwear is made with an ultra soft knit fabric for optimal comfort and support. Other friendly labor and birth features of Happy Birthwear include: easy to use nursing clips, unencumbered access to the belly area for fetal heart monitoring and other medical equipment while maintaining coverage and front opening snaps allowing for uncomplicated removal for immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth. Happy Birthwear apparel is also designed to support women who choose to have an epidural, allowing access to her lower back at all times as well. There is also the emotional component Happy Birthwear solves. When a woman enters a hospital and is in labor, she is not sick and dying. It is quite the opposite. There is a negative attachment many women associate to hospital gowns and that should not have to be a part of their joyous event. Also, wearing something that is just hers and that was specifically designed for the birth of her child is priceless. We believe women deserve the best on this joyous and important day in their lives.

How does sizing work?

Happy Birthwear is based on your pre-pregnancy size. We offer two sizing options, S/M and L/XL, which cover most sizes. If you are between a S/M and L/XL, we recommend that you size down to S/M.

S/M 2-10 4-12 6-14 36-44 32-40 30-38 5-13
L/XL 12-18 14-20 16-22 46-52 42-48 40-46 15-21
Can I wear Happy Birthwear in hospitals and birth centers?

Absolutely! Many women think they have to wear the traditional hospital gown that the hospital provides or birth center provides. This is not true. As long as your birthwear is clean and appropriate for labor and birth, like Happy Birthwear, you are set. As a matter of fact, doctors, midwives and nurses have given excellent feedback and support for Happy Birthwear. They express appreciation when their patients have put the thought into what to wear that makes them comfortable and provides functionality for this specific and significant day, therefore making for a better labor and birth experience. Doctors, midwives and nurses want their patients to be happy and have a good experience!

How is it medical equipment and epidural friendly?

Happy Birthwear provides unencumbered access to the abdominal area for fetal heart monitoring and other medical equipment while maintaining coverage and front opening snaps allowing for uncomplicated removal. Happy Birthwear apparel is also anesthesiologist approved and designed to support women who choose to have an epidural, allowing access to her mid and lower back at all times. Our apparel is also IV friendly as arms are easily accessible and front opening snaps and nursing clips allow for our birthwear to be put on or removed while having an IV or epidural. No threading garments over the IV pole or over your head.

Is Happy Birthwear useful in a home birth and/or water birth?
Of course! Happy Birthwear is specifically designed for labor and birth whether you are at home, a hospital or birth center. Its many functionalities can assist your labor and birth in the comfort of your own home. Our Anna Half Top is especially functional and appropriate for a water birth as one can be in the water naked waist down and covered on top. It easily unsnaps for immediate skin-to-skin contact at birth in the water. Our Half Top is also great for photos during your water birth as it provides top coverage.
Can I wear Happy Birthwear before and after labor and birth?

Yes! Happy Birthwear can be worn before, during and after labor and birth. Our birthwear is great for prenatal yoga, lounging, stretching and walks to the park. Happy Birthwear is comfortable and supportive for postpartum as well. The tops and gown are wonderful for breastfeeding and the skirt is comfortable to wear for healing of sensitive bottom areas. Perfect postpartum loungewear and sleepwear!

What if I have a cesarean?

We believe every woman deserves the best labor and birth experience, including women who have cesareans. Many times cesareans are not planned and Happy Birthwear works well during the hours of labor before a cesarean. Planning a cesarean and wondering if Happy Birthwear can help you? The answer is yes. We want you to be as comfortable as you can before, during and after a caesarean. Happy Birthwear provides that with its functionalities such as nursing clips, coverage, easy front snaps for direct skin-to-skin contact and our ultra soft knit fabric provides comfort and space around the sensitive abdominal area after surgery.

What are the washing recommendations?

Machine Wash Cold, Gentle
Tumble Dry, Gentle or Line Dry
Dry Clean (optional)
Iron Medium (optional)

What if I want to give someone Happy Birthwear as a gift?

We think Happy Birthwear is the perfect baby shower gift and gift in general to an expecting mother. What better present is there to give your friend, sister, daughter, wife, etc., than to assist them in having a happy birth! You can send Happy Birthwear directly to them or give them the gift of choice with a gift card. Purchase gift cards here.

What are your shipping and payment options?

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What is your return and exchange policy?

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More questions?

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